Information on Oberhasli Goats

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Oberhasli Goats

Oberhasli goats are one of six major breeds of dairy goats as defined by the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). Oberhasli goats have a reddish-brown color with black markings (all black is a rare variance). The milk has a sweet, mild flavor. Although medium in stature as compared to other dairy goat breeds, the Oberhasli are agile and strong for their size as well as being hocky which provides them extra power in their rear legs. The Oberhasli breed's temperament, quietness, and friendliness make them an excellent choice for dairy and packing. We bottle raise our kids which enhances the breedís qualities.

Oberhasli Origins

The Oberhasli goat originated near Berne, Switzerland. They were originally imported in the early 1900's, but some genetic lines were not kept pure - so today we have American and Purebred Oberhasli classifications. All of today's purebreds trace back to the original importation by a Dr. Pence in 1936. The Oberhasli goat was initially registered by the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) as a subgroup of the French Alpines; or otherwise called the Swiss Alpine. In 1980, the ADGA opened the Oberhasli herdbooks.

What does the Milk Taste Like?

All goat milk has lactic acid which is what breaks down and causes the "goaty" flavor of some milks. The milk production of Oberhasli goats is long and even. Although Oberhasli's are medium in stature, they can give 2 gallons or more of milk a day. The butterfat content of the milk in normally 3.5% to 4%. Oberhasli milk has a sweet taste, and is one of the least "goaty"; its taste is closest to cow's milk in comparison to other goat breeds.