1999 Packgoat Rendezvous Pictures - September 17-19, 1999

These photographs are from the 1999 Packgoat Rendezvous that was held at the Wind River Training Center in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Carson, Washington on September 17 through September 19, 1999.

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Several photos are of the Racetrack trail (#171) that is accessed from the Falls Creek Horse Camp located in the Indian Heaven Wilderness. The Racetrack trail photos were taken on September 20, 1999. From the Racetrack, our group (Steve, Donna, Evan and Julie) continued to the summit of Red Mountain where we ate lunch and viewed Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt Hood, and Mt. Jefferson. There were 11 heartbeats in our group of 4 hikers and 7 packgoats. Hope that you like the photos.

The Indian Race Track was a social gathering place for local Indians during the berry season until the early 1900's. The track, about 10 feet wide and more than 2,000 feet long, can still be seen today in a large meadow near the base of Red Mountain about half a mile from the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. Trail Infomation. Trail Map.

Fig. 1  Rendezvous '99 - Group Photo

Front Row Seated (left to right): George Bogdan, Karma (the goat), Tanya Swanson, Dianna Bratton, Rowena Litzler, Phillipe Litzler, Carolyn Eddy, Donna Semasko (left and behind Carolyn), Steve Semasko

Middle Row (left to right): Dorothy Bogdan, Evan VanHoosen, Julie VanHoosen, Robin Kenney, Judy Bitton, ? (unknown lady), Terri Summerfield, Abram Summerfield (son, in front of Terri), Rex Summerfield (behind), James Slick, Devan Slick (daughter), Marti Slick

Back Row (left to right): Stephanie Powell, Debbie Brayton, Deanne Converse, Ken Brayton, ? (unknown person with fingers folded in the shadows), Mike Powell

Fig. 2  Where the Goats Would Rather Be!

Fig. 3  Alternative Goat Location!

Fig. 4  George and Carolyn Loading a Bulky Item

Fig. 5  Campfire Talks

Fig. 5a  Trail First Aid for Goats 1

Fig. 5b  Trail First Aid for Goats 2

Fig. 6  Nutrition and Lumbar Scoring

Fig. 7  Osteopathic Manipulation

Fig. 7a  George Sharing Experiences

Fig. 7b  Group Participation

Fig. 8  Search and Rescue 1

Fig. 9  Search and Rescue 2

Fig. 10  Saturday Group Hike 1

Fig. 11  Saturday Group Hike 2

Fig. 12  Saturday Group Hike 3

Fig. 13  Saturday Group Hike 4

Fig. 14  Saturday Group Hike 5

Fig. 15  Saturday Group Hike 6

Fig. 16  Saturday Group Hike 7

Fig. 17  Saturday Group Hike 8

Fig. 18  Hike's Over - Where's George?

Fig. 18a  George and Dorothy in Camp

Fig. 19  Hike's Over - Resting Feet 1

Fig. 20  Hike's Over - Resting Feet 2

Fig. 21  Hike's Over - Resting Feet 3

Fig. 22  Hike's Over - Resting Feet 4

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The photographs that follow were taken along the Racetrack trail and from the summit of Red Mountain.

Indian Race Track

Trail 1

Trail 2

Trail 3

Trail 4

Trail 5

Red Mountain 1

Red Mountain 2

Red Mountain 3

Red Mountain 4

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